Obedience Training For Goldendoodles – Benefits For You And Your Doodle

Training your Goldendoodle to obey simple commands is important. In large and small ways it can make your times together more enjoyable. Dogs don’t naturally know what good manners are, and as smart as doodles can be, we can’t always expect them to be perfect. It is our responsibility to teach them the basic rules of citizenship. The following post has some good advice for beginning a training routine:

From basic obedience commands to advanced tricks, dog training is a rewarding and engaging experience for you and your dog.

Just as every new human member of a household must be trained to behave properly, so must dogs. Everyone in the household is better off if the dog conforms to the behaviour expected of it.

That applies to the dog, too.

By nature, your dog wants your approval. It wants to please you (most of the time, anyway!). But it can’t do that without being taught what you expect of it.

During your dog’s life you may decide to teach it to perform all manner of impressive tricks and tasks. Those are optional. But the following types of training should be considered as absolutely essential for every dog owner.

To train your doodle, you need a collar, a leash, some basic knowledge and a commitment to consistency. The following post has some helpful tips for teaching the key commands:

Obedience Training For Dogs: 4 Easy Cues To Master

The first thing most pet parents teach their dogs is the very important “sit” cue, but there are a few other obedience lessons that are equally important to master. These basic cues help dogs improve their impulse control, teach them good manners, and in some situations are literal life savers. Keep in mind, “mastery” means that your dog will respond no matter how distracting the environment, so it’s likely you’ll have to continue to brush up on the following skills throughout your dog’s lifetime. But the good news is training is an excellent way to cement your bond with your dog, and even better, it’s fun.

Training your Goldendoodle to obey will take commitment, patience and confidence. Dogs respond best when they understand that you are in charge so be firm yet loving.

There are various approaches to dog training so use the method that you feel will work best for you and your doodle. The next post gives a look at training options and benefits:

Obedience training is focused on teaching your dog basic commands, how to be social and how you expect your pet to behave. You can achieve these goals in one of three ways: by enrolling your dog in a quality dog obedience training school, by working with a qualified dog trainer, or doing it yourself using whichever positive training techniques you prefer. The benefits you gain will make living with your pet more enjoyable and less stressful, and your dog will gain self-confidence and be happier. Read on for six benefits of obedience training.

Your Goldendoodle should do very well with obedience training, since they naturally like to please and are also very intelligent. It is recommended that training begin in earnest when a dog is around 4 or 5 months, but you can typically start earlier with doodles.